A Little Bit About WWAO

The group was started by Laura Milnor Iverson and Teresa Turner in May 2004. We do the administration but think of the group as a co-op.

Our idea in starting the group was both a marketing tool, and to provide a private place to talk about issues related to being women artists. Some of our members use the Yahoo group daily to talk, and for group events. Others only use the group for marketing, such as being listed on our website or using the logo and blurb on their auctions for cross traffic. We welcome all levels of participation.

Joining our Group

First of all, everything we do is free. We don't charge our members. The most we do is take up a voluntary collection if someone has a marketing idea for the group. Our goal is to bring together the best women artists—not to make money from fees.

Our only requirements to be considered for membership are that you consider yourself to be a woman, create original art, and have work online somewhere that we can see (even there, we will accept JPGs emailed to us).

We put everyone up for a group vote. This gives everyone a say in how the group grows (and helps us keep out spammers and sweatshop art).

We administer the group through a Yahoo! group. Click Here to join (don't forget to include the URL to your work).